A freshman House Republican said Thursday that his party will unveil its new version of the "Contract with America" closer to the fall midterm elections , as early as the late summer. 

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) told MSNBC that what members of his party are calling the "Commitment with America," an updated version of the document that helped propel Republicans to a surprising victory in 1994, will contain many of the same ideas as the original treatise.

"I think you're going to see a similar platform and a similar set of goals [to the "Contract"], obviously relevant to today's issues, come out at the end of this summer or early fall that many of our candidates will be running on," Schock said on MSNBC.

Efforts to create the document demonstrate the extent to which Republicans believe they could take back the House of Representatives in the fall.

House Republican Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), who serves as the lead drafter of the document, said last week that the Republicans would use Internet tools to help get out the "Commitment" message.

Schock said that the document would contain provisions related to small government and fiscal discipline, as the GOP plans to run primarily on the economic issues in the fall.

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