Voters are split over whether lawmakers should approve Wall Street reform legislation, a new poll found Thursday evening.

As Democrats' financial regulatory reform bill heads to the Senate floor for debate next week, the public is evenly divided on how lawmakers should vote.

39 percent of registered voters said they favor the legislation and 39 percent said they are opposed, accord to a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll released Thursday evening.

22 percent said they were unsure of their perspective on the bill, the complexity of which has even confused lawmakers at certain points of the debate.

A plurality of those surveyed, though, said they think it is primarily investors' responsibility to keep big banks in check and restore trust in the financial system.

30 percent said it was investors' responsibility to keep the system in check, followed by 28 percent of voters who said it was regulators' responsibility, and 25 percent who said it was banks and corporations' own duty to self-police.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) filed a cloture motion on Thursday that sets up a key procedural vote for early Monday evening, where Democrats will have to pick up at least one GOP vote to move forward with the legislation.

The Fox poll, conducted April 20-21, has a three percent margin of error.