WellPoint insurance is strongly denying claims that they too often withdraw coverage from breast cancer patients.

The allegations were first reported in a Reusters article this week. Following the report, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius fired off a letter to WellPoint calling the practice "unconscionable."

WellPoint responded to Sebelius yesterday, claiming they do not target breast cancer patients for so-called "recissions."

"I was disappointed to read your letter regarding the media report published in Reusters yesterday as well as  your assertion that WellPoint 'deliberately works to deny coverage for women diagnosed with breast cancer,'" WellPoint CEO Angela F. Braly wrote to Sebelius.

"To be absolutely clear, WellPoint does not single out women with breast cancer for recission. Period," Braly added.

Braly requested a meeting with Sebelius to clear up the matter.

The healthcare reform legislation signed into law by President Obama would aim to end recissions, though some skeptics claim its enforcement mechanisms are too weak.