The Democratic National Committee (DNC) released a new video highlighting Romney's attacks on the financial reform legislation before Congress, calling him "Wall Street's best friend."

The video focuses squarely on Romney, a potential 2012 presidential candidate, in addition to congressional Republicans, whom Democrats attacked Monday for having opposed a procedural vote to advance the legislation.

"We're not waiting until this fall to make a campaign issue out of unanimous Republican opposition to wall street reform, we're starting right now," said a Democratic Party source.

Romney has been out in front of other 2012 Republicans in opposition to the bill, and is arguably the candidate most seen with the closest ties to the financial services industry, having graduated from the Harvard Business School and founded Bain Capital, a major private equity firm.

Other GOP candidates have chimed in on the bill, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who said the debate "demonstrates what happens when political leaders react to a crisis with a raft of new regulations."

But this type of attack on Romney is the type of offensive other Republicans who end up opposing the legislation should expect, the Democratic source said.

"The video is called "Mitt Romney: Wall Street's Best Friend" and is indicative of attacks other Republicans can expect if they continue to stand with Wall Street executives over Main Street Americans," said the source.

Update, 10:35 a.m.: Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom responds: "It's sad that President Obama feels the need to cover up his own failings on the economy by engaging in Washington-style attack politics which do nothing to put unemployed Americans back to work."

Find the video below: