CNN might just be the most trusted name in news, after all.

32 percent of Americans told a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll that was released Monday that they trust the cable news network above other news outlets, a plurality.

CNN edged Fox News, which 29 percent of poll respondents say they trust the most.

13 percent say they trust "the other major broadcast networks" the most (MSNBC was not a separate response option), while two of nation's major newspapers fell behind their broadcast counterparts. Eight percent said they trust the New York Times the most, while seven percent trust the Wall Street Journal.

Interestingly, Comedy Central's "Daily Show" scored low marks with respondents when it comes to trustworthiness. Four percent say the show, hosted by comedian Jon Stewart, is the most trusted daily source of news.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was a breakdown between the outlets Republicans and Democrats trusted the most.

Fox News is Republicans' most trusted outlet, with 50 percent of the GOP preferring the cable network. 46 percent of Democrats listed CNN as their top source.

The poll, conducted March 29-April 2, has a three percent margin of error.