NRSC Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) said Tuesday that the party with which Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (I) would caucus if he comes to the Senate doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, the chairman of Senate Republicans' midterm efforts said, because he's confident GOP candidate Marco Rubio will win.

"My sense is he's going to be defeated, so it's a moot point," Cornyn told reporters at the Capitol when asked if Senate Republicans would welcome Crist into their conference if he's elected.

When pressed how Republicans would handle it if Crist does prevail, Cornyn said, "We'll deal with it then."

Crist left the GOP last week to pursue a Senate bid as an independent, after having received national Republicans' support. Polls showed Crist falling behind the more conservative Rubio in a primary.

Crist said Sunday that he would caucus with whichever party -- perhaps neither party -- he thought has best for Florida, leaving the door open to even joining with Democrats.