Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, while stressing that Islamabad was being cooperative in probing the Times Square bombing, said in an interview aired Sunday that if a successful terrorist attack was traced back to Pakistan, the country would face "very severe consequences."

When pressed about what those might be, Clinton responded, "I think I’ll let that speak for itself."

Clinton's interview, taped Friday but aired Sunday evening on CBS' "60 Minutes," came after Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan and Attorney General Eric Holder said on the morning shows that bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad acted with orchestration and support of the Pakistani Taliban.

Clinton said in the Friday interview that the depth of Shahzad's connections to Pakistan was still being investigated, but said the message to the Pakistani government was "very clear."

"This is a threat that we share, we have a common enemy," Clinton said. "There is no time to waste in going after that common enemy as hard and fast as we can and we cannot tolerate having people encouraged, directed, trained and sent from Pakistan to attack us."

She said that even though Islamabad was cooperating with Washington, "we want more, we expect more."

"We’ve made it very clear that, if, heaven forbid, that an attack like this, if we can trace back to Pakistan, were to have been successful, there would be very severe consequences," Clinton said.