Osama bin Laden could be among those voting online for spending cuts being offered by Republicans, one Democratic lawmaker suggested Thursday.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) castigated Republicans for trying to force a vote this afternoon to cut $2.5 billion in welfare spending. The spending was targeted for elimination after online voters selected it in the House GOP's "YouCut" initiative.

"This is not 'American Idol,' or 'Dancing with the Stars,'" Hastings said in a floor speech Thursday afternoon. "This is America's legislature. For all we know, on 'YouCut,' Osama bin Laden could be voting."

Republicans did force a vote to try to get the spending cuts, but Democrats dismissed the attempt in a 240-177 vote.

Democrats, including Hastings, have dismissed the GOP program as a gimmick that would do little to affect the deficit.

"The Republicans then chose to offer an amendment to the previous question so that we could not move forward on substantive business, and to cut poor people's opportunities," Hastings said following the vote. "Please know that not a handful of organized, gotcha Republicans are going to control this legislature."

Find a video of the Florida lawmaker's remarks below: