From the Hartford Courant (emphasis added):
The Groton Democratic Town Committee on Thursday approved a resolution of support for Sen. Christopher Dodd.

Nothing newsworthy in that -- after all, Dodd is the state's senior senator and his ties to eastern Connecticut run long and deep. But Dodd's Democratic challenger, Merrick Alpert, happens to be a member of the town committee and he was right there in the room as members pondered the resolution.

"There was a lot of good discussion,'' said town Chairwoman Betsy Moukawsher. "The town committee has a very large reservoir of good will toward Dodd'' and wanted to let him know "that we still care about [him] being our senator.''

Couldn't he at least have had to take a bathroom break when the committee was voting on this?

The story notes that the resolution doesn't translate to an endorsement, but it might as well be.

Alpert is an unknown and just entered the race, but Dodd's troubles have hurt his standing among Democratic primary voters. A Quinnipiac poll from last week showed Dodd leading Alpert 44-24.

-Aaron Blake