Sen. Lindsey GrahamLindsey GrahamBack to the future: Congress should look to past for Fintech going forward CNN to host town hall featuring John McCain, Lindsey Graham Club for Growth launches ad targeting GOP tax writer MORE (R-S.C.) said former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R) could win the 2010 Senate race in Pennsylvania, imploring GOP leaders to reach out to Ridge and other centrist candidates ahead of next year's contests.

"We need to get people who can embrace center-right politics, but win in states like Pennsylvania and Maine," Graham said Monday during an appearance on Fox News. "Tom Ridge could win in Pennsylvania; I hope Pat Toomey could."

The less-than-warm language for Toomey reflects a growing sense among Republicans that Toomey won't be able to beat Sen. Arlen Specter (D) or any other Democrat next year. Reports swirled over the weekend that Republicans have sought to draft Ridge, a pro-choice former governor of Pennsylvania, into the race.

Graham also named three other Republican candidates he said could win next year.

"I think Mike Castle can win in Delaware," Graham said. "I think we're gonna win in Connecticut, 'cause Dodd has got problems. I think Mark Kirk can win in Illinois."

"Michael, if you're listening, talk to Tom Ridge, talk to Mike Castle," Graham rhetorically told Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. "Try to get people in this election cycle who can win in blue states."

Watch a video of the appearance below: