In another sign that we may be heading toward an extremely crowded Democratic field, Alabama state Rep. Earl Hilliard Jr. announced on Monday that he will run for Artur Davis's (D) House seat.

Davis is running for governor.

Hilliard is an intriguing candidate because his father held Davis's seat for 10 years before Davis beat him in the Democratic primary in 2002.

In an interview with the Birmingham News, Hilliard stressed an economic message. "And by economic development, I mean jobs," Hilliard said. "The district has been hard hit by what we're seeing with the economy; mills have closed, and jobs have been lost. I'm committed to work to bring economic development to the district, to work to bring jobs that will help people lead better lives."

A large cadre of other Democrats are either running or thinking of running in the heavily Democratic district. Birmingham attorney Terri Sewell is in the race, and announced on Monday that she has raised $123,000 so far. Others include: State Rep. Merika Coleman; state Sen. Rodger Smitherman; state Sen. Bobby Singleton; Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot; Selma Mayor James Perkins and Corey Ealons, a former Davis staffer.

(H/T Political Parlor)