Specter to Toomey: Turn over your TARP receiving contributors

Sen. Arlen Specter's (R-Pa.) campaign went after soon to be challenger Pat Toomey again on Friday with a letter demanding he turn over a list of Club for Growth contributors who have received TARP funds.

Toomey is currently the president of Club for Growth, though recent news reports have suggested he preparing to step down from the position to focus on his Senate bid.

In a letter sent to Toomey via fax, Specter wrote:
In recent weeks as you have shifted your attention from a long-planned run
for Governor to another Senate campaign, you have criticized the TARP bill I voted for last fall. Given the Wall Street background of your members, it seems clear that many of them would have received TARP monies.

Please gather a list of the contributors to the Club for Growth by contributor name, date, amount and whether they received TARP money and if so, how much and when. Please provide this information to me by April 13. Thank you.

On Thursday, Specter released a television ad that targetted Toomey.


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