Kevin Rennie, a former Connecticut state senator and columnist for the Hartford Courant, writes:
A Democratic challenge to Senator Christopher Dodd emerged today when Greenwich, Connecticut Democrat Roger Pearson told me he has formed a committee to explore a run for his party's 2010 nomination. The former First Selectman of the Republican bastion says that like many others he "is very disaffected" with Dodd, who has "really disappointed a lot of people."

"I look at the vision this guy is going to try to tell us he has," Pearson, 63, said late Thursday afternoon. "Where was he when Phil Gramm was talking about credit default stops and subprime mortgages?"

"I don't believe in career politics or career politicians," taking swipe at five term incumbent Dodd, who has fallen 16 points behind Republican former congressman Rob Simmons, according to a Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday.

(H/T: Scorecard)