The National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday sought to capitalize on AIG bonuses that were paid using taxpayer bailout funds and the populist outrage that has accompanied them.

In an email from Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), the NRCC said Democrats and, in particular, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are to blame for the bonuses. The email also blasts the Democrats for spending too much and increasing taxes.

Check out the email below.
I am furious that your tax dollars were used to pay bonuses to a failing company who had to be saved by the government. I am embarrassed that my Democrat colleagues in the House are continuing to allow unchecked spending with no accountability. Pelosi and her cronies know how they are going to continue to bail out big businesses, pay for their pet projects and spend billions of government dollars this year: massive tax hikes.

The tax hikes are going to hit the middle class and small businesses hardest and these groups are the backbone of our society. We are in tough economic times and we cannot tax our way out of it. Although you and I know this, the Democrats are in denial. They have yet to grasp the simple economic reality facing our country.

So while Republicans are fighting to ensure that you keep more of your own money, what do the Democrats continue to do? Vote to raise your taxes. And what will those taxes be used for? To pay Wall Street bonuses and bigger government.