Obama for America campaign manager took a page out of the PBS playbook, organizing a "pledge drive" among Obama supporters for the campaign's "Organizing for America" project.

The Organizing for America project was announced in January by Obama to keep his millions of followers mobilized to support the administration's agenda as it shifted away from campaign mode and into governing mode.

"In the next few weeks we'll be asking you to do some of the same things we asked of you during the campaign -- talking directly to people in your communities about the President's ideas for long-term prosperity," Plouffe wrote in an email to supporters Friday afternoon. "But first, start with your own pledge of support, and the support of your friends, family, and neighbors."

The email pushed for donations to support the administration's policies on the economy, energy, education, and healthcare.

"The budget that passes Congress has the potential to take our country in a truly new direction -- the kind of change we all worked so hard for," Plouffe added. "We didn't fight to shy away from the tough long-term decisions Washington has ducked for far too long."