Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) will face a challenge in 2010 from a former independent candidate in last fall's election who will now challenge her again as a Democrat.

David Krikorian will run against Schmidt as a Democrat in 2010 after taking 17.3 percent of the vote as an independent candidate in Ohio's 2nd congressional district, the Georgetown News Democrat of Ohio reported.

"After careful consideration of both political parties and another independent run, the decision became obvious, the Democratic Party is the party of America today. The Republican party has become the party of obstruction," Krikorian said. "Our district is a conservative district, they used to call conservative Democrats, Boll Weevil Democrats. Today, we are called Blue Dog Democrats."

Schmidt won reelection to her second full term in Congress last fall with only 45 percent of the vote. Democrat Victoria Wells Wulsin took just over 37 percent.

Democrats have hoped to knock off Schmidt ever since veteran Paul Hackett almost managed to claim the seat in the 2005 special election that swept Schmidt into office.