Republicans need to stop worrying about who their nominee will be in 2012, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) -- a potential candidate -- cautioned.

"I think Republicans need to stop worrying about the candidate, the messenger," Jindal said in a "10 Questions" segment with Time magazine. "Focus more on the substance."

Jindal, who some Republicans have hoped might challenge President Obama's reelection bid, said that the GOP must be willing to work with the president and Democratic majorities in Congress when possible, and start matching its actions with its rhetoric.

"The American people are looking to the Republican Party to work with the new president, work with the new Congress, every chance we can," he said.

Jindal emphasized that Republicans must stop making excuses for corruption, and that it must focus on tangible solutions for people.

The former House member also responded to critics' poor reviews of his response to President Obama's joint-session address in late February.

"The reality is, the content is what's really important to me," Jindal said. "I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as good of a speaker as the president."

Jindal also dismissed comparisons to the character "Kenneth" on the NBC show "30 Rock" made by some, saying he's never seen the show, but hopes the character is a nice guy.

Watch a video of the interview here.