Here's a NRCC campaign pitch I had yet to hear. Congressman Louie GohmertLouie GohmertDon’t blame Trump for healthcare defeat — blame Louie Gohmert Trump, GOP fumble chance to govern House votes to begin debate on healthcare bill; six Republicans defect MORE (R-Texas) told Sean Hannity last night that if Americans elect Republicans back to a majority in the House in 2010, they will cancel the portion of the $787 billion stimulus that has not been spent and send it directly to the people.

Citing an "atmosphere of arrogance in Washington," Gohmert said: "If the american people will let the Republicans back in charge, the 60 percent of this bill that won't be spent until after the next election, we'll cut it off and let it go to the Americans."

Check it out below.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)