The Libertarian Party candidate for Senate in Georgia's general election expressed a preferance Monday for the Democratic candidate, Jim Martin, in the state's competitive runoff.

In an intereview with the liberal blog "Senate Guru," LIbertarian Allen Buckley said Martin would be a better candidate on Georgians' civil liberties.

Buckley also slammed Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R), the incumbent, for his position on the bailout package for the financial industry approved earlier this year.

"Something needed to be done, but I wouldn't have voted for the bail-out bill," Buckley said. "No, I don't think his position was fiscally responsible."

Buckley took 3.4 percent of the vote in the general election earlier this month, a margin that might have held Chambliss just under the 50 percent threshold needed to prevent a runoff.

-Michael O'Brien