Days after House Republican leaders released their own poll on offshore drilling, Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) has followed suit, releasing a poll that says 77 percent of central Michigan favoring of more oil and gas exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf.

"Clearly people are frustrated that this Congress is not getting the job done," Camp said. "Congress should immediately return to work and vote to increase our domestic energy supply," which Camp said included drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and investing in new nuclear facilities.

Central Michigan voters are more pro-drilling than the national average, Camp's poll showed, as 64 percent of Americans favor more drilling according to the GOP House leaders' survey.

Camp conducted his poll online, surveying more than 2,800 Central Michigan residents, according to Camp's office.

Of Camp's constituents, 68 percent said they expect gas prices to increase in the next year--a sensitive economic point for Michigan, as the automotive industry can suffer during times of high gas prices. An overwhelming 95 percent expressed support for more investments in wind and solar power.

While 68 percent said the U.S. should allow oil and gas exploration in ANWR, only a slim majority expressed support for drilling in the Great Lakes, which border Michigan: 53 percent said they would support Great Lakes drilling, while 47 percent said they were opposed.

-Michael O'Brien