Obama Highlights Work with GOP Sen. Lugar in New Ad

Barack Obama highlights his work on nuclear proliferation with Republican Sen. Richard Lugar (Ind.) in a new television ad that ties national security to U.S. global leadership.

In the ad, Obama tells voters that nuclear proliferation is the most significant threat to U.S. security. He also tells supporters that the U.S. was once "a beacon of light around the world" and that it must restore its leadership role to work with other nations in reducing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

"We have to lead the entire world to reduce that threat," Obama says.

Obama promotes his work with Lugar to secure funding for nonproliferation efforts. The two began their push for funding in 2005; it was granted in 2007. Their initiative provided $48 billion for efforts to destroy conventional weapons stockpiles and locate and apprehend weapons of mass destruction.

Today's ad comes after Obama announced cooperation with Lugar on another initiative: the Indiana Republican's bill, introduced today with Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), to triple non-military aid to Pakistan. Obama and Lugar serve together on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where Lugar sits as ranking member. Lugar has endorsed John McCain for president.

See the video below:

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