Blogger and Georgetown law professor Heidi Feldman says she has raised $6,800 aimed at retiring Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (D-N.Y.) presidential campaign debt through her blog this month.

Feldman announced the fundraising drive on her blog June 8. Visits to her blog tripled to 2,239 June 11, she said, and have remained around 1,000 daily. Feldman credits the increased traffic to the effort.

The blogger says retiring Clinton's debt would empower the senator and push the Democratic Party toward her ideas.

"I believe that Clinton supporters have a need to refocus their passion and energy," Feldman said in a press release. "Many are not happy with the DNC and do not want to support Obama. If a significant amount of money is raised toward the primary debt, it empowers Clinton to have her positions represented in the Party Platform at the Convention and, hopefully it will prod the DNC to make internal changes."

Clinton entered June with over $30 million in campaign debt, Forbes reported.