Democratic congressional leaders are celebrating Don Cazayoux's victory in a special election Saturday in Louisiana.

Cazayoux beat Republican Woody Jenkins by three points in a conservative district last represented by Richard Baker (R), who left Congress to become a lobbyist in February.

"Don will be an independent representative for the people of Louisiana's sixth district," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a statement. "They showed today that they, like the vast majority of Americans, demand a New Direction for our country."

Republicans tried to weaken Cazayoux, a state legislator, with ads warning that the Democrat had voted for tax increases in the past. Conservative advocacy group Freedom's Watch also ran ads against him, saying that he supported a measure that could make it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain state health benefits.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) charged Freedom's Watch with illegally coordinating with the Republican House campaign effort and with falsely stating Cazayoux's position on illegal immigration. DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.) reiterated his complaints in a statement after Cazayoux's win.