Congress members worried about tax-cut craving constituencies should vote against the farm bill. The Club For Growth has come out against it.

The Club released a statement today calling the bill "a disaster for taxpayers" and urging those in Congress to vote against it. The White House has also said that President Bush would veto the $610 billion bill if it gets to his desk.

"The expiration of the 2002 Farm Bill presented Congress with the perfect opportunity to institute real reforms. Instead, Congress has decided to pile on the waste and special-interest giveaways," said Pat Toomey, the Club's president in a statement.

The Club decries much of the bill, including the billions in subsidies for farmers with high incomes and tax breaks for the ethanol and timber industries and for race horse owners.

This year, the Club's political action committee has already helped drive out one veteran GOP House member, Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (Md.), for voting for bills that the Club opposed. Gilchrest voted for a 2007 farm bill and an energy bill, prompting the Club to spend millions in ads against Gilchrest in the run-up to his February GOP primary, which he lost to state Sen. Andy Harris.