Senate Democrats have long accused Republicans of "unprecedented" obstructionism on the floor, and have kept an ongoing tally of what they say are Republican stalling tactics to keep legislation from advancing.

In February, Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidDems walk tightrope on Pompeo nomination The Memo: Teens rankle the right with gun activism Dems to party: Go on offense with Trump’s alleged affairs MORE took to the floor and said there had been 72 Republican filibusters this Congress, smashing a previously held two- year record of 57 filibusters.

But today Reid displayed a sign that on the floor that said there only were 65 Republican filibusters, reports Manu Raju, The Hill's Senate reporter.

Why the change?

"This is a number that is probably higher than this, but let's assume this is right," Reid said. "Last time we came out and said there was 70-plus filibusters, they said, 'Oh, not that many. Not that many.' So 65 for the purposes of this discussion."

Republicans have complained that Democrats have inflated the filibuster numbers, counting attempts by the majority to prematurely shut down debate as GOP filibusters.

But Democrats say that even if the number is slightly off, the point is this: Republicans have gone to lengths to stall and derail their agenda to make the Democratic-run Congress look bad heading into November.