UPDATED 5:30 p.m.

Ashwin Madia won the endorsement of Minnesota's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in his bid for Congress, all but assuring him of his party's nomination in his Twin Cities-area race.

Madia, an Iraq war veteran and an attorney, won the endorsement at the Democrats' statewide convention on Saturday. His rival for the nomination, state Sen. Terri Bonoff, has said she would abide by the endorsement despite a September primary.

Republicans have rallied behind state Sen. Erik Paulsen (R) as their candidate. The winner in November will succeed Rep. Jim Ramstad, a moderate Republican who has held the seat since 1991. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted the seat as a possible pick-up opportunity.

Madia, 30, had started the race as an underdog to Bonoff, who had received the support of local elected officials. But Madia gained traction by stressing bipartisanship and calling for "a responsible end" to the Iraq war.

"We can usher in a new form of patriotism that places solving problems above the same petty Inside-the-Beltway games that have steered our country so far off course," said Madia, who is 30 years old.

Minnesota GOP chairman Ron Carey fired off a statement after Saturday's endorsement that tried to called Madia "too partisan and too liberal" for the district.

"Given his far-left views, Ashwin Madia is the last person who should fill the seat of a bipartisan problem solver and moderate like Jim Ramstad," Carey wrote.

Here's video of Madia speaking at the convention.