The DNC has released a second round of McCain vs. McCain videos. The ad mocks the GOP nominee with conflicting statements McCain has made through the years on the economy. The first video is on Iraq. The transcript of the video is after the jump.
Round 1: Are we in a recession?

McCain A: "I don't believe we're headed into a recession. [GOP Debate, Myrtle Beach, FNC, 1/10/08]

McCain B: "I would say that it's very likely and more and more economists are saying that, that we are probably quote in a recession." [CNN Live Feed (Atlanta, GA), 3/7/08]

Round 2: Are you well versed on the economy and interest rate cuts?

McCain A: "I'm not -- don't have that kind of expertise to know exactly whether he has cut interest rates sufficiently or not." [CNBC/Wall Street Journal Debate, 10/9/07]

McCain B: "I'm very well versed in economics." [MSNBC Debate, Boca Raton Florida, 1/24/08]

Round 3: Do you believe in George Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy?

McCain A: "I believe that until we find out the cost of this war and the reconstruction that we should hold off on tax cuts." [Meet the Press, 3/30/03]

McCain B: "Well, for a long time, I have said that I thought the tax cuts ought to be made permanent." [ABC News This Week, 2/17/08]

McCain A Counterpunch: "I want to briefly discuss why, at this time, I cannot in good conscience vote in favor of tax cuts, irrespective of their size or to which segment of the population they are targeted." [Senate Floor, 3/18/03]

McCain B Counterpunch: "I'm disappointed because I think it's very important that we make the Bush tax cuts permanent. I voted to make them permanent twice already." [MSNBC Debate, Boca Raton Florida, 1/24/08]