The Democratic National Committee (DNC) accused Republicans of fueling "mob rule" by way of encouraging conservative protesters of Democratic lawmakers and the Obama administration across the country.

DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse brought out the heavy artillery in a lengthy statement issued late Tuesday blasting the GOP and enablers in interest groups for spurring the protests.

"The Republicans and their allied groups -- desperate after losing two consecutive elections and every major policy fight on Capitol Hill -- are inciting angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing extremists funded by K Street Lobbyists to disrupt thoughtful discussions about the future of health care in America taking place in Congressional Districts across the country," Woodhouse said in a statement.

The statement comes on the heels of townhalls and events in districts across the country, where House lawmakers are on August recess, at which conservative activists have often engaged in raucous protests.

Woodhouse likened the crowds to those during the 2008 presidential campaign who accused then-Sen. Obama of being a "socialist," out of which he said the "birther" movement was born.

He also accused Republicans of coordinating with interest groups.

"These mobs are bussed in by well funded, highly organized groups run by Republican operatives and funded by the special interests who are desperately trying to stop the agenda for change the President was elected to bring to Washington," Woodhouse said.

"The right wing extremists' use of things like devil horns on pictures of our elected officials, hanging members of Congress in effigy, breathlessly questioning the President's citizenship and the use of Nazi SS symbols and the like just shows how outside of the mainstream the Republican Party and their allies are," he added.

Update, 4:35 p.m.RNC press secretary Gail Gitcho responds:
It is remarkably callous and extraordinarily out-of-touch for the White House and the Democrats to call the genuine concern over President Obama's government-run health care plan "manufactured." American families, small business owners, doctors, veterans, and seniors have real and serious concerns over the president's risky and costly government-run health care experiment. And they should -- taxpayers will pay for this costly health care experiment because it will raise taxes without decreasing costs, increase the deficit and lead to less choice and lower-quality health coverage

Republicans are also pointing to a line contained with a Democratic memo outlining recess activities highlighting the party's coordination with HCAN, Families USA, AFSCME, SEIU, AARP, among other groups, over recess.