Newly-minted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson is trying to "save the world," she said Tuesday morning.

"I'm trying to save the world," Jackson told CNN's Elaine Quijano. "We're all trying to save the world."

Jackson, the first African-American to become EPA administrator, said that her agency is "back on the job" after the past eight years during the Bush administration.

"That's not to meant to say that the employees who were here all along haven't been working hard, but a lot of their work wasn't allowed to come forth to the American people," Jackson said.

Jackson, whose nomination was unanimously approved by the Senate, also spoke about her unique role as the first black administrator.

"What I hope I see at the end are this are activists who look like me," she said, "activists who represent the future and demographic of our country because that's who's going to be the EPA in the future."

Watch a video of the segment below: