A dog rescue operation out of Colorado Springs wants the Obamas to adopt their "Golden Doodle Girls" Stella and Susie, a standard Poodle, Golden Retriever mix.

The National Mill Dog Rescue, which finds homes for dogs, usually pure breds that have come from puppy mills, is calling on the Obama family to take in the four-month-old puppies because "they are ready to get on with the rest of their lives," says Theresa Strader of the National Mill Dog Rescue.

The dogs' lives haven't been a walk in the park. They arrived at the shelter organization in bad shape with infections, even pneumonia. But now they're well, in good health, and, according to Strader, ready for the White House.

Think of it as sustainable seafood for the dog world.

"If the Obamas were to adopt Stella and Susie, it would go a long way toward educating Americans about the conditions in puppy mills," says Julie Castle, director of community programs in the Best Friends Animal Society.

-Betsy Rothstein