President Obama's actions yesterday to extend benefits to federal employees is a small, non-tangible step -- though one in the right direction -- Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) said Thursday.

Polis, who is one of three openly gay or lesbian members of Congress, said he still supports the Obama administration, but said he could understand why some in the gay or lesbian community would refuse to donate to Obama.

"It's a small, small step in the right direction," Polis told CBS, before adding: "It's not a tangible step."

Polis explained that the couples targeted by yesterday's memorandum on benefits still won't receive healthcare or retirement benefits.

"I think the president can and should do more," he said. "I, frankly, understand why some people feel insulted by the memorandum defending Defense of Marriage Act, and if they choose not to give -- either temporarily or permanently -- that's their decision."

The Colorado freshman lawmaker encouraged the president to "follow through" on campaign promises, as well. He also said he hoped the current detente between the LGBT community and the Obama administration may serve as a "wake-up call" at the White House.