Two influential seniors advocacy groups are battling on national television for influence over seniors’ support of the GOP Medicare reforms.

A new ad campaign, sponsored by the 60 Plus Association, a self-described conservative alternative to the AARP, began airing Friday on national cable channels and on broadcast television in key swing states Florida and Ohio. See the ad below.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) stars in the ad, defending his own plan before a voice-over declares that “only one plan reforms Medicare and protects seniors.”

The campaign marks the latest show-down between 60 Plus and AARP, the largest senior lobbying organization in the U.S.

AARP released a new national ad on Thursday accusing Congress of spending seniors’ money on trivial projects such as “pickle technology” in exchange for cutting seniors’ benefits.

60 Plus also waged a TV ad campaign against the Democrats’ reform bills in 2009 and 2010, while AARP largely supported the Affordable Care Act.

Ryan’s Prosperity PAC slammed AARP last week, calling it a "left-leaning pressure group." The powerful lobby sought to “intentionally mislead seniors” about Ryan’s plan’s effect on Medicare, according to a letter to Ryan’s supporters.