The United Auto Workers (UAW) has done its job to resuscitate General Motors, the union's president claimed Monday.

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger acknowledged that his organization had taken a hit in renegotiating its contract with GM, but said he expected the company to rebound with minimal government interference.

"We have stepped up to the plate," Gettelfinger said during an appearance on the Fox Business Network. "We believe we've done what we think was necessary to help this company."

The union leader said that the government would benefit from getting involved in GM while the automaker was at its weakest point, as well.

"I think you'll see the government step back," he said on CNBC. "And I do believe this: By beginning this with the floor, and then moving forward -- I think it's going to rebound quicker than what most people would expect. Unless the whole country collapses, I think you'll see that."

Gettelfinger maintained that the UAW would be on board with whatever products GM plans in the future, but dismissed critics who've asserted unions are in part to blame for GM and Chrysler's financial woes.

"Are the people that are pointing fingers at the UAW also giving us credit for what's going on at Ford Motor Company?" he asked. "There's enough finger-pointing been going on the past, it's time to move forward."

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