Brian Deese, the White House Car Czar, may know a ton about the domestic auto industry, but he didn't learn it from driving a Chevy....or a Ford, or a Chrysler, for that matter.

Deese reportedly drives an "old, old, old silver Honda Civic two-door hatchback."
Deese, the 31-year-old tour de force behind President Obama's Auto Task Force, has been seen tooling around town in a car that might make board members of General Motors shudder: He drives a Honda, whose manufacturer is based in Japan.


Meg Reilly, a Treasury Department spokeswoman who speaks on behalf of Deese, joked to the Sleuth, "Considering the amount of time he spends in his office, Brian may start saving gas money by sleeping in the back of his 11-year-old Honda full time."

The WaPo concludes: "[B]elieve us, American autoworkers will care" that Deese drives a foreign car. Really? Sort of ironic, I agree, but I doubt it's a big deal.