Vice President Biden took a shot at the deceased former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during a trip to Iraq this weekend, saying Hussein would be "rolling over in his grave" at the naturalization ceremony held in one of his palaces on Saturday.

Biden oversaw a ceremony for members of the armed services to be sworn in as American citizens as part of his weekend-long trip to Iraq.

"We did it in Saddam's Palace and I can think of nothing better than," Biden said at a luncheon afterward, according to a pool report. "That S.O.B. is rolling over in his grave right now."

According to an earlier pool report, the ceremony took place in the rotunda of Hussein's Aw Faw Palace, which is located on the premises of what is now Camp Victory in Baghdad.

"As corny as it sounds," Biden said at the ceremony, "Damn I'm proud to be an American."

Hussein was executed by hanging after having been convicted by Iraqis of committing various atrocities during his time in power.