The Co-Chairman of the Blue Dog Democrats had some strong words yesterday for conservative opponents of healthcare reform.

Speaking at a town hall in his district, Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.) said reform opponents are simply lying about the House bill.

"The [American Medical Association] has endorsed this plan," said Hill, according to the Corydon Democrat. "You'll have choices, regardless of what the detractors tell you. They are lying. That's a strong word, but it's true."

To be fair, Hill may have been riled up by this exchange with a constituent:
"I'm not a Democrat or a Republican," the man said. "I consider myself a political atheist. But from what I've heard about the plan on TV, there's a lot about it that I disagree with."

"What part do you not like?" Hill asked.

"Well, just some of the stuff they have been talking about on TV," the man responded.

"OK, and what was that?" Hill asked.

But the person couldn't come up with an example of what he disagreed with.