A compromise on "card check" legislation is no better than the original proposals in the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), one key group opposed to "card check" legislation will emphasize over the August recess.

The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) will look to go on the offensive in the coming month, launching messaging seeking to block any compromise on EFCA.

"As we head into the August recess, pro-EFCA Senators are no closer to securing passage of the job-killing legislation than they were before news reports of a so-called 'compromise,'" the group's August recess memo says.

"While there are not enough votes to pass EFCA or 'compromise' legislation that includes mandatory, binding arbitration, we can not lose sight of the strategic goal of taking the messaging fight to the union bosses over the course of the Congressional break," the memo reads.

For their part, organized labor groups are planning a recess push as well.

SEIU is touting the 400 events they are holding across the country over the next month.

"Our message this recess is clear," the group's memo says. "There are consequences to not changing the status quo: consequences for families, consequences for our economy and consequences for members of Congress."

For WFI, there seems to be little room for compromise.

"The only way for the conversation to move forward is to take [EFCA] completely off the table, meaning both the elimination of the secret ballot and mandatory, binding arbitration are no longer part of the discussion in any form," the group's memo says.