It looks like some congressional Democrats, even some who support President Obama on the issue, are becoming increasingly skeptical of the president's deadline for closing the prison center at Guantanamo Bay.

Check out what Rep. James Moran (D-Va.) said Thursday morning on CNN:
Q: "Does this mean that deadline is not going be met of January of next year?"

REP. JIM MORAN (D-VA): "I don't see how it can be met. No, I think the White House lost that when they failed to give us adequate information, failed to engage in the debate."

This is the same member that put out a release agreeing wholeheartedly with Obama's speech this morning.

"President Obama stated that we are a country governed by the rule of law and a beacon for freedom and justice to the rest of the world," Moran said. "In his view, keeping Guantanamo open and holding detainees without charge indefinitely makes us less safe and secure, and has created more terrorists than it ever held. I couldn't agree more."