Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), said this week that the President's plan to close Guantanamo Bay would result in over 200 "hard core" terrorists being released into the United States.

"There are 245 hard-core terrorists that would be turned loose in the United States and one of the locations where they would be putting them is Fort Sill," Inhofe told a gathering of constituents, according to the Ada Evening News. "You turn these people loose and they become magnets for terrorism all over the country."

The Obama adminsitration is trying to determine what to do with the remaining 241 detainees at Guantanamo Bay, many of whom have not been charged with a crime.

Republicans have used the prospect of terrorists being released or transferred into the United States to pummel the president. House GOPers recently introduced the "Keep Terrorists Out of America Act," which would prevent the federal government from transferring detainees into the country without the consent of the governor and legislature of the state where they'd end up.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Congress last month that up to 100 detainees might be held, possibly without trial, in the United States. Attorney General Eric Holder assured Congress last week, however, that no detainee considered to be a terrorist would be released freely into the United States.

At the same meeting, Inhofe said Obama had "completely devastated" the military.

"Liberals like to believe that there's no threat out there," Inhofe said. "[Obama] just doesn