Senate Foreign Relations Chair John KerryJohn KerryEgypt’s death squads and America's deafening silence With help from US, transformative change in Iran is within reach Ellison comments on Obama criticized as 'a stupid thing to say' MORE (D-Mass.) on Friday morning applauded President Obama's video address to Iran.

"President Obama's eloquent address to the people and leaders of Iran commemorating Nowruz can be a watershed moment in public diplomacy, with a unique president using the powers of persuasion to great effect," Kerry said in a statement.

Kerry also said that governing regime in Iran "faces rising discontent from its own people" and that they now have a choice. "They can continue down the path of intransigence and face increasing regional isolation, escalating international sanctions, continuing economic stagnation and the threat of a regional confrontation," the Democrat said, "or they can start down a path of real change for both Iran and the entire Middle East."

Kerry said ending Iran's nuclear program is "front and center" for the Obama administration and that through careful negotiations he believes that goal is attainable.

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