You could almost see this coming. After Gallup releases a poll this morning saying that a majority of Americans would support a law that would make it easier for workers to unionize (read: EFCA), Rasmussen releases a poll that says a majority think secret ballot voting is a fair way to form a union.


In the Rasmussen poll, 61 percent answered "yes" to the question: "If enough workers express interest in forming a union, a secret ballot is held. Is it fair to require a secret ballot to determine if workers want to form a union?" Eighteen percent said "no" and 22 percent were unsure.

OK, I can see how some might criticize that question as not giving enough context so maybe it doesn't necessarily refute the Gallup poll. But then there's this question: "Should Congress change the law to make it easier for workers to form or join a labor union?"

That is almost the same question Gallup asked.

Rasmussen found that a plurality, 40 percent, said "no." Thirty-three percent said "yes" and 27 percent were unsure.

Expect to see pro-business advocates tout these numbers while pro-EFCA and labor advocates blast the Gallup numbers.

There was a plus or minus 3 percentage point margin of error in the poll.