Bond goes old-school, calls Dem proposals 'fuzzy math' (Audio)

The Democrats' proposed budget and stimulus plan amounts to "fuzzy math," Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) said Wednesday, reviving a buzz word hearkening back to the 2000 presidential camapsign.

"Only in Washington would supporting a gigantic, almost trillion dollar stimulus bill but opposing an annual operating budget that keeps day to day government functioning seem fiscally responsible," Bond said in a short radio clip posted on Senate Republicans' website. "That's what I call fuzzy math."

The term comes from the 2000 presidential election when then-Texas Gov. George Bush referred to Vice President Al GoreAl GoreAn all-female ticket? Not in 2016 Green Party could be election spoiler Even in defeat, Trump could harm the country irreparably MORE's infamous "lockbox" Medicare plan using those words.

"Look, this is a man who has great numbers," Bush said during a debate with Gore in early October. "I'm beginning to think not only did he invent the Internet, but he invented the calculator. It's fuzzy math."

The phrase has since become a shorthand for irresponsible economic policies predicated on hazy calculations.

Listen to Bond's short statement here.

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