A number of Republican lawmakers will be attending this year's U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Legislative Conference next week, contrary to the report (and complaints) of a conservative blogger.

At least seven GOP lawmakers from the House and Senate will be in attendance at various events next week, according to the USHCC's website and spokesman, Dale Crowell.

"The USHCC is a nonpartisan organization, and we try very hard to have a balanced agenda of activities," said Crowell, adding the organization has reached out to a "broad swath" of lawmakers from both parties. "It's always a challenge getting people scheduled."

Crowell said the Republican participation this year is on par with past years, which has included attendance from Cabinet representatives, and briefings with then-President Bush. He added that a number of Republican lawmakers have only confirmed their appearance in recent days.

Conservative blogger John Hawkins, citing an anonymous "very credible Capitol Hill source," reported that no Republicans would attend.

"This is a big part of the GOP's problem with minority outreach: the Democrats show up at events like this with bells on while the Republicans can't even be bothered to drop in and say 'hello' to a friendly crowd," Hawkins wrote in criticism.

Here is the list of confirmed lawmakers to attend:
Confirmed Speakers

Opening Reception, March 9th

Congressman Ben Luj