OK, so leafing through the President's budget isn't exactly what we call fun, but we're still doing it. Be sure to check our colleague (and Blog Briefing Room alum) Walter Alarkon's overall rundown of it here. Jeffrey Young's analysis of what is missing from the budget on healthcare is also worth a read.

Speaking of useful links, here is a nice breakdown of the budget by department courtesy of the Washington Post. Here are the highlights:

Departments that are receiving more money, and percent increase (from 2009):
Agriculture: 6 percent
Defense: 1 percent
Homeland Security: 6 percent
Housing and Urban Development: 18 percent
Labor: 5 percent
Education: 1 percent
EPA: 35 percent
State: 10 percent
Veterans Affairs: 11 percent
Interior: 6 percent
Transportation: 3 percent
Justice: 4 percent
NASA: 5 percent
Commerce: 48 percent (mostly for the 2010 census)

Departments receiving less money, and percent decrease:
Health and Human Services: 2 percent
Energy: less than 1 percent

You can check out the budget here. Anything else jump out to you? The comments section awaits below.