Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says in a report to be released tomorrow that the U.S. should reevaluate its relationship with Cuba, including the use of sanctions.

In a note appended to a staff print report to be released Monday, Lugar argues that the U.S. should seize on recent political developments in the communist nation and the U.S. to rethink Cuba policy.

"Economic sanctions are a legitimate tool of U.S. foreign policy," Lugar writes. "After 47 years, however, the unilateral embargo on Cuba has failed to achieve its stated purpose of 'bringing democracy to the Cuban people,' while it may been used as a foil by the regime to demand further sacrifices from Cuba's impoverished population."

The U.S. imposed sanctions on Cuba after communist leader Fidel Castro took control of the country in a revolution, instituting a dictatorial government in the country, just miles offshore from south Florida.

Castro remained in power until recently, transferring power to his brother Ra