House GOP Rolls Out New Website, Reinventing Image

Can Republicans develop a new state of the art website? "Yes, we can," Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) argued this week.

The House Republican Conference debuted their new website Thursday, seeking to revamp its image and bolster communications efforts within Congress and across the country.

The website,, was touted by McMorris Rodgers in a web video released to promote the website.

"These valuable internal communications tools allow staff and people all across the country to share ideas, get the inside scoop on House updates, and disseminate the GOP message throughout the blogosphere," McMorris Rodgers says in the web video, over alternative rock music.

The site includes new media elements such as a blog and social networking tools. The video asks to have press secretaries establish an RSS feed for each Republican lawmaker's own website.

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