A new organization representing businesses has launched a new ad campaign seeking to pressure President Obama into opposing a piece of legislation favored by labor unions.

The Workforce Fairness Institute, which describes itself as "funded by and advocates on behalf of business owners who enjoy good working relationships with their employees," launched a minute-and-a-half-long ad said the president had to choose between focusing on larger priorities or helping pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a piece of legislation giving unions greater leeway in the workplace.

Echoing rhetoric employed by congressional Republicans, the ad heaps praise on Obama while trying to drive a wedge between the Democratic president and congressional Democrats.

The ad praises Obama's policy priorities, but, a narrator says, "They aren't the priorities of congressional leaders and the Big Labor bosses that spent millions to elect him."

The ad alleges that EFCA would remove the secret ballot in union organizing elections, and says federal bureaucrats would "force" contracts on workers and small businesses.

Watch the ad here:

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