Sen. Richard ShelbyRichard Craig ShelbyObstruction of justice watch: Trump attacks the FBI The Hill's 12:30 Report Alabama businesses fear Moore victory would hurt state economy: report MORE (R-Ala.) is "Robocop-out" for his opposition to a bailout for the automotive industry, the Detroit Free-Press mocked in an animated editorial cartoon Tuesday.

The cartoon likened Shelby to an elephant-featured Robocop who sweeps through the city of Detroit, threatening union workers and the head of the city's Big Three automakers.

"In a world where American auto companies are teetering on the brink, and millions of job are on the line, he backed out on his commitment to help American workers," a narrator says. "Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby is Robocop-out and he's cleaning up Detroit."

"If I help you big three autoworkers, you'll never learn to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps," an animated robot as Shelby says.

"His duty to fix the economy be damned! He's more interested in kneecapping a major union!" the narrator adds.

The original movie "Robocop" is set in the city of Detroit.

Watch a copy of the cartoon here.