Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning's vote against the auto industry bailout bill has erased the goodwill he generated by winning 118 games, including a no-hitter, as a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, at least among some in the Motor City, according to a report in The Detroit News (via Deadspin).

Bunning, a Hall of Famer, had an autograph-signing gig booked at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor, Mich., but the owner yanked away the welcome mat right after Thursday's vote.

Here's The Detroit News
"Being a business owner in Michigan for over 30 years, I simply cannot support anyone who, in my opinion, votes against the economic well being of our great state," said trade center owner James Koester.

And here's Deadspin's take:
I guessing letting auto workers lose their jobs and then charging their kids $45 a pop for souvenir balls isn't the savviest political move of his career.

The Detroit newspaper couldn't get a comment from the senator. But in a statement issued by his office, Bunning blamed labor unions for scuttling the bill.

"Unfortunately, the United Auto Workers were unwilling to make any significant concessions. Republicans were serious about finding a real solution, but the union and the Democrats walked away unwilling to give any ground," Bunning said in the statement.

The vote against the auto bailout is consistent with Bunning's posture on other bailout bills. During a July CNN appearance, Bunning labeled the financial bailout bill "socialism," adding, "And if you want to go to socialism, let's go to France."

In his 17-year baseball career, the right-handed Bunning racked up a 224-184 win-loss record, a no-hitter and a perfect game pitching for the Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers.

-Jeffrey Young