There are a couple interesting findings in Monday's Washington Post/ABC News poll but what's more interesting is what the news organizations are choosing to lead with.

The Washington Post highlights that "barely half of Americans are now confident" that President Obama's stimulus package is working and that the rise of optimism following his election has "abated."

ABC News, meanwhile, leads with Obama maintaining his high approval ratings - 65 percent. That contrasts with other recent polls on Obama's job performance that have shown a slight dip below 60 percent.

Going back to the Post poll, 52 percent say the stimulus is succeeding or will succeed in moving the country out of the current recession - that's down from 59 percent a couple months ago.

The Post also notes while support for the stimulus has slipped, Obama maintains an advantage in pushing his agenda because Republicans are very unpopular. The favorability of congressional Republicans, the Post reports, is at its lowest point in more than a decade.

ABC News also notes high in its story that the mixed view of the stimulus has led to a drop in the percentage of respondents who believe the country is heading in the right direction. Less than half - 47 percent - say the country is on the right track now, that's down from 50 percent in April, the highest it had reached in six years.